Cafe Monteverde Espresso (Whole Bean) Price: $13.00 (as of 11/08/2020 11:04 PST- Details)

Made to Order
Fair-trade Coffee
Costa Rican origin

Flavor:Whole Bean

This bright, crisp Costa Rican coffee is our original Partnership coffee, dedicated to conservation, education, and social programs in and around the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica. Carefully harvested when fully ripe, Cafe Monteverde is a premium coffee grown in a Cloud Forest environment. The cool temperate Cloud Forest allows the coffee to ripen slowly, developing flavors that exhibit a bright, crisp liveliness with a clean, sweet, and mild cup. Hints of citrus are in the finish. Get your coffee either whole bean or ground! Choose from the following grind settings: Drip: medium grind French Press/Cold Brew: coarse grind Chemex/Percolator: medium-coarse grind Pourover: medium-fine grind Aeropress/K-Cup (Reusable K-Cup not included): fine grind Espresso: extra-fine grind

Made to Order
Fair-trade Coffee
Costa Rican origin
Roasted fresh daily
Lemon zest

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